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Our 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year
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Friday, February 10, 2017
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Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year!


Mrs. Sheronica Williams

4th Grade Teacher


When you think of the phrase “Teacher of the Year”, you tend to think of someone who goes above and beyond; who always has the best interest of their students at heart; who tries to make learning fun, meaningful, and real for their students; and who truly wants to see their students successful in all areas of life.

Mrs. Sheronica Williams exemplifies what it means to be Teacher of the Year. Despite several hurdles and roadblocks in her personal life, Mrs. Williams arrives at school each morning prepared to infuse meaningful learning lessons into her students to help them achieve noticeable academic success. Mrs. Williams is a student of her students. She strives to know each of them personally which enables her to tailor her instruction so that all of her students have the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge. She utilizes various technology activities in her classroom to engage her students in meaningful learning that does not always include paper, pencil, and books. She understands that by varying her instructional methods, more of her students have the opportunity to learn the skill at hand. She researches different methods to reach all of her students so that no child feels like they are insignificant. She wants each one of her students to succeed and ensures that her classroom is inviting, encouraging, and welcoming each day for each student.

Mrs. Williams rarely sends students to the office with a discipline referral because she has excellent classroom management skills. She tries and tries again with redirecting her students to make better choices to diffuse any situation that occurs in her classroom. As a last resort is when she would send a student to the office. Mrs. Williams makes a point to stay in contact with the parents of her students; therefore, keeping the discipline problems in her classroom to a minimum.

Mrs. Williams is a true team player and readily shares resources, ideas, and strategies with her colleagues because she understands that when we all work together, our students will succeed. She continually seeks out new strategies, techniques, and resources to use in her classroom as well as to share with others. She understands that with this new generation of learners we have, that teaching methods must evolve and change with the learner.

Mrs. Williams is truly an asset to the students, parents, staff, and community at Whitley Elementary School.


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