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Sound Experiments in 1st Grade
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Wednesday, February 08, 2017
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First grade students in Ms. Colston's and Mrs. Milling's classes are studying all about sound. In science class today, students rotated in groups throughout four stations to learn about the relationships between sound and vibrations. After rotating, students completed a sound stations activity sheet. Each had to draw and explain what they learned and explain what vibrations does.

 At Station 1, students used a tuning fork to hit against the bottom of their shoe (rubber bottom) and then touch a cup with a balloon stretched across the top with rice on it. The vibrations transferred from the tuning fork to the cup. The evidence was the dancing rice.

 At Station 2, students used a musical card and rice. Each student observed the rice move at the feel of the vibrations from the music in the speakers.

 At Station 3, students used a tuning fork and a bowl of water. After hitting the bottom of his or her shoe, the student then placed the tuning fork over the top of the water and watched it ripple. They learned that  vibrations transferred from the tuning fork to the  water.

 At Station 4, students used a paper plate of rice and a radio. Music was turned to different volumes and students observed the rice move as the volume increased.

Please enjoy our video of the experiments:


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